Katrin Wolff is an illustrator living in Germany. She works mainly as a fashion illustrator for the fashion/beauty industry and have collaborated with many  well-known magazines Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Brigitte to name a few, and did Illustrations for Wella and a cook book for Alnatura.

She is mostly inspired by people and the everyday life. In a society where fame is so appealing, she is more interested in showing the imperfection of wrinkles and lines  and the normality of people.

In her work, she tries to depict the life and habits of the 21st century  in a matter of fashion and appearance.

She loves fashion for what is says about an individuals personality and habits.

In Katrin Wolffs opinion is the way someone chooses to dress says a lot about this person and is the image he or her wants to give.

She often questions its current codes and ideals and is also interested in the idea of beauty in our society.

Do not hesitate, for inquiries send an email or give her a call.
She will gladly draw and stich you a personal portrait on request.

Clients & partners: Vogue, Brigitte,  Alnatura, Wella, Zeitmagazin, Cosmopolitan…